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3:24 PM
Film Ink Magazine uus pilt.
Uus pilt käes oleva aasta juunist, kui toimus "Eclipse" pressikonverents, mille käigus tehti ka väike reklaampilt Austraalia filmi ajakirjale Film Ink Magazine.

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1 Jonathan   (2012-03-31 2:41 AM)
I agree about living your life ubcliply, and having a public congregational life. I'm not sure that Facebook is preferable to do that. Our emerging congregation has a blog/website on wordpress.org at the moment, which includes a public Google calendar, and we use a private Google Group for email. There are some passworded pages on the blog for more personal sharing, like our spiritual biographies. The website has been publicized through the District, and recently, on the UUA congregation search. New blog posts are posted through to Facebook on my personal account, which admittedly reaches a smaller audience. Besides the commercial and privacy issues with Facebook, it is quite easy for posts from a page, a group, or even friends to get lost in the stream if you have more than a few posting. As far as having one more place to check email and RSS updates are available for the blog, so anyone who doesn't want to check can have updates pushed (even to Facebook if they are so inclined.) I myself am ticked at Facebook for killing their RSS feeds I have everything else I want to keep up with feeding into RSS in my mail reader, so everything is truly in one place.We use email for coordinating and communicating informally not everything needs to be available to the world. Some of us are on Facebook and post about our spiritual life, as individuals.The blog also gives us far more control over appearance and format, which I think is very important giving a personality to the community and not just being another look-alike Facebook page. And Facebook is difficult for the blind and others using screen readers.

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