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6:53 PM
Palju õnne!
Xavier Samuel sai 10. detsembril 27. aastaseks! Soovime Talle palju - palju õnne! :)
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1 Candy   (2012-06-18 10:29 AM)
OK all rumors of gydaar aside, it is like really hard to tell if someone is gay unless they are wearing gay stuff. (looking at them anyway). I talk to them. If they are gay I will able to tell from what they talk about and how they act when I am around (Good Looking fella here and usually get some interest). So yeah it can be kinda tough. I have never really been single more than a few weeks anyway, I guess because I like dating. (All of my exes have tried to get back with me..all of them and a couple I tried a 2nd time with). Good luck

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