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11:52 PM
Vampiir vs inimene.
Elu Xavieri-maal on jäänud talumatult vaikseks. Vahelduseks lisan kaks töötlust Xavierist. Nimelt on kujutatud tema päris olekut ja siis teisel pildil on vampiir-töötlus. Kumb meeldib rohkem? Klikka pildile, et näha täissuuruses!

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1 Neil   (2012-06-16 11:59 PM)
I am against pndariag your sexual orientation in public, either heteros or homos. I know what you mean. Anytime I read the news and our president and his wife and children are pndariag around in public I want to vomit. Goodness I don't want to know what you do behind the closed doors of your bedroom. Have some common decency and hide your children. I mean anyone with a 6th grade education knows where babies come from. Then while I am shopping at the grocery store there are pregnant women flaunting their lifestyle in my face. They are not even at least one bit embarrassed by it. The sad part about it is if you actually know them they expect you to congratulate them for having unprotected sex and getting knocked up. I just don't understand some people!Anyway sarcasm aside, its a part of life and its nothing to be ashamed of. Straights clearly aren't and we shouldn't be either!

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